• Image of ORANGE MARMALADE (thick cut) 6oz

Hearth & Larder's signature flavor - orange. This is what started it all. As a child I was a hater of marmalade mainly because it was bitter. It was for grownups. But once I learned how to make it myself and understood the process that removes the inherent bitter twang I became a devout marmalade born-again. Hallelujah!

In this version the rind is cut thick but tender with a nice feel in the mouth. The flavor is intensely orange, sweet, thick and almost candy-like in texture. I only produce small batches at a time with locally sourced oranges, lemon juice and organic sugar.

Try it as a filling in your favorite chocolate layer cake or on a hearty cracker with goat cheese. However you try it I'm convinced you'll be converted, too.

INGREDIENTS: Valencia oranges, organic sugar, lemon juice.